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Vaporising Cooker
What we do :
    • Remove Barrel
    • Remove Hot plates
    • Remove burner and De-coke
    • Replace wicks
    • Replace feed pipe (If required)
    • Clean and vacuum burner areas
    • Inspect chimney draft
    • Inspect seal and Gaskets
    • Check oil flows and filters
    • Check balance levels
    • Inspect oil tank and filters
    • Checl and set flow rates
Pressure Jet cookers
What we do:
  • Strip and clean inspect cooker
  • Replace injector nozzles
  • Replace Flexible oil lines
  • inspect all gaskets
  • Replace oil filters if required
  • Strip and inspect injector pump
  • Set pump pressures
  • Set Co2 mix
  • inspect oil tank and pipe work
  • Text fire valves
  • Check system water pressure
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